Seattle Construction Sites Enact New Rules to Curtail Strain on Communities

July 15, 2015



Seattle's recent construction boom is causing the city to implement new rules to construction sites in order to better manage the impact on local businesses and the community, reports K5 News.

"The areas we're working on is to really make sure businesses are notified of upcoming construction impacts, that the notifications are coordinated with other construction impacts," Brian de Place, director of the Street Use Division for the Seattle Department of Transportation told K5 News.

De Place said a big part of that includes giving a three week look-ahead that's available online.

Starting in August contractors will go through training as the city prepares to implement new rules such as:

  • Identify high development areas as "Construction Hubs";
  • Evaluate impacts for the duration of each project for all projects within these areas collectively, highlighting potential conflicts and cumulative mobility impacts;
  • Provide guidance on ways to maintain mobility in these areas experiencing significant construction impacts;
  • Establish reliable lines of two-way communications with key community and business representatives to address construction-related impacts and to flag policy-level issues; and
  • Respond and resolve construction-related impacts in “real-time”.