Schwing Announces New Financing Service

January 24, 2012

Schwing has announced a new program to assist customers with financing options for new and used equipment purchases.

Schwing Financial Services (SFS) will work with Schwing customers to enhance their financing options to: conserve traditional bank/credit lines for operating and short term financing needs in today’s ever changing environment; provide 100% financing to reduce initial investment; preserve cash flow by matching payments to the revenue stream/cost savings from Schwing equipment; lower payments by utilizing another entity’s tax bracket to pass on the depreciation benefits in return for lower payments; and provide fixed payments for more accurate budgeting and cost estimates. Schwing Financial Services will also assist customers to secure financing for the acquisition of Schwing equipment, with: competitive rates and terms; a variety of lease products including finance leases with a $1.00 purchase option, TRAC Leases, and tax leases with a FMV purchase option and lease financing for new or used Schwing equipment.