Save Your Operator's Teeth

September 28, 2010

Soil compactors use a system of flexible isolators to mount the drum to the front frame. The isolators, as the term implies, are designed to isolate the rest of the machine—and the operator—from the drum's vibratory motion, assuring that these forces are directed into the soil to be compacted.

You can keep the isolators in good shape and help stretch their life with a few basic precautions, says Compaction America's Steve Wilson, manager, marketing services/product manager.

For instance, when transporting the machine, insert wooden blocks solidly between the frame and trailer deck. Do this prior to attaching the load binders, so as not to excessively stretch the isolators.

When cleaning the machine, make certain that any chemicals used are compatible with isolator material.

And when working the machine, try to avoid over-compaction, a situation that causes the drum to bounce and stresses the isolators.