Santa Fe Self Storage of Gardner, KS Goes Green

Staff | September 28, 2010

Santa Fe Self Storage Center, located at 1060 East Santa Fe, in Gardner, KS, has undergone an expansion and upgrade that doubled its size and created the first self storage in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area built to "green" design standards. Rogers Strickland, CEO of Olathe-based Strickland Construction Company, acquired the self-storage center in September 2007.

The design/build contractor has developed and built nearly 3.5 million square feet of self-storage facilities in seven states either as its own ventures or for clients of the construction business. He built the first phase of Santa Fe Self Storage for the original owner in 2001.

Due to the growing demand for climate-controlled self storage and for environmentally friendly construction, Strickland expects increased acceptance of measures that deliver exceptional energy efficiency, use building materials with a high percentage of recyclable content, and improve the environmental quality and operating costs for buildings. His projects are known for having strong curb appeal and distinctive architectural features.

"I foresee nearly all of my construction projects being green buildings," Strickland said. "Our basic quote for proposed buildings will offer customers standard insulation and other features but provide alternatives such as better insulation values, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning equipment, improved air-distribution, skylighting, and even energy-saving controls such as motion- and illumination-level sensors."