Roadtec Cold Recycler

Staff | September 28, 2010

Roadtec's new RT-500 cold recycler is for use in cold-in-place recycling projects that use the recycling train concept (tanker trucks, cold planers, crushing and screening units, mixers, pavers, and rollers).

The RT-500 is designed to crush and screen the RAP produced by the RX-900 cold planer and can handle up to 600 tons per hour of material. The 950-horsepower cold planer is the recycling train's sole source of propulsion. It tows the cold recycler and a nurse tank for the emulsions.

The double deck screen receives the milled up material from the conveyor. Any oversized material goes through the impact crusher and back to the screen via a two-conveyor return circuit. Material that passes the screen drops onto a 48-inch weigh belt. The belt's electronic scale communicates with the blending computer, which in turn adjusts the flow of additives that go into the pugmill mixer. The material is discharged in a windrow onto the roadway.