Road Improvements Made

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

An approximately 1-mile realignment and concrete reconstruction of Telegraph Road, West Road and Dix-Toledo Road in Brownstown Township, MI, that includes drainage and water main upgrades, traffic signal modifications and landscaping began in May and is expected to be completed in November. Telegraph Road will be two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound with a center turn lane. The Dix-Toledo Road connector will have two lanes in each direction. West Road will have two lanes in each direction at Telegraph Road, as well as a center turn lane. There will be a dedicated right-turn lane from West Road to Telegraph Road. West Road will narrow down to one lane in each direction.

Prior to construction, Telegraph Road, West Road and Dix-Toledo Road intersected. The reconstruction and realignment includes removing the Dix-Toledo Road component of the intersection.

"Before the construction, northbound Telegraph Road and southbound Telegraph Road were separated. There was a large median between the two roadways for approximately one-quarter to one-third of a mile. That was part of the unorthodox nature of the existing alignment from many years ago," John Sanford, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) resident engineer, said.

"With our construction, we've brought the northbound traffic and the southbound traffic onto the same slab of pavement. So, we've removed the big median. With the final configuration, we'll have bidirectional Telegraph Road traffic on one alignment. What was the old southbound alignment will now carry bidirectional traffic.

"We moved the connection with Dix-Toledo Road north of where it used to be. The old Dix-Toledo Road south of the new connection with Telegraph Road will become a cul-de-sac. It will not have direct ties to West Road or Telegraph Road."

The project also includes the installation of three detention ponds in order to help facilitate surface drainage in the area. Traffic on Telegraph Road and West Road has been a challenge.

"We maintain one lane of traffic in each direction on Telegraph Road and West Road. Both roadways are heavily traveled arterial roads. So, dealing with the motoring public has been a challenge. We have had great cooperation with the Brownstown Township Police Department," Sanford said.

"The job is on a rather aggressive schedule. We did not want to have the project go through a winter, and there was a local event over the Memorial Day weekend during which the local community did not want construction going on. The contractor has been working six-day weeks as weather allowed. The prime contractor and the subcontractors with input from my staff have done a good job coordinating the activities. The prime contractor, subcontractors and MDOT have worked very well together."

The approximately $7-million project includes over 75,000 square yards of 35P non-reinforced concrete pavement 8 inches thick; approximately 1.5 miles of Class E 12-inch to 24-inch concrete storm sewer; and just over 1 mile of 12-inch ductile iron water main.

Angelo Iafrate Construction Company, of Warren, MI, is the prime contractor. Subcontractors include John Carlo Inc., of Clinton Township, MI (concrete paving); Metropolitan Power & Lighting, of Imlay City, MI (temporary and final traffic signals); Ajax Paving Industries, of Troy, MI (temporary traffic staging and final driveways); Poco, Inc., of Canton Township, MI (traffic control); and Diane Dukes, Inc., of Big Rapids, MI (restoration and landscaping). URS, of Traverse City, MI, did the design for the project.


Project: Realignment and reconstruction of Telegraph Road, West Road and Dix-Toledo Road in Brownstown Township, MI

Prime contractor: Angelo Iafrate Construction Company, of Warren, MI

Cost: Approximately $7 million