Road Construction Projects Announced

Aram Kalousdian | September 28, 2010

Oakland County, Mich. – The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) has released its updated project list for the 2007 road construction season. The list consists of more than $38 million worth of road improvement projects, including $8 million of road widenings.

"This list includes projects that we have long anticipated and that are sorely needed. For example, we will resurface Williams Lake Road from Cooley Lake Road to Elizabeth Lake Road, including the addition of a center left-turn lane," stated RCOC Managing Director Brent Bair. "The project list includes road widenings, reconstruction projects, resurfacing projects, gravel road paving projects, bridge replacements, and more."

Virtually all of the road improvements are being paid for through multiple funding sources, as RCOC continues to seek ways to stretch its limited resources. 80 percent of the cost of most of the major construction projects will be paid for with federal road dollars (generated by the federal gas tax), with the remaining 20 percent either paid entirely by RCOC or split evenly between RCOC and the local community in which the project takes place.