Ring-O-Matic Vac-Ex Compressors Add Dry-Extraction Capability

November 5, 2015
Ring-O-Matic Vac-Ex Compressors Add Dry-Extraction Capability

Two sizes of Ring-O-Matic Vac-Ex compressor packages are now offered. The Vac-Ex Model 70/175 unit offers air-excavation capability up to 70 cfm at 175 psi with the lowest upfront cost.

The larger Vac-Ex Model 150/175 HiCFM pack gives operators up to 150 cfm of air to cut faster, run large air-excavation cutting lances, and work with additional pneumatic tools concurrently while excavating.

Power requirements

The Vac-Ex 70-175 compressor pack is available for Ring-O-Matic vacuums and vacuum excavator models rated for a minimum of 50 hp. The unit is suitable for powering air tools such as impact guns, piercing tools, earth-piercing tools, concrete breakers and other pneumatic implements.

The Vac-Ex 150-175 HiCFM compressor pack can be added to any Ring-O-Matic vacuum or vacuum excavator model rated for 80 hp or greater and will power air excavator lances, air knives and jackhammers up to 90 pounds in addition to the list of air tools above. An 81 hp engine upgrade option is available for vacuum and vacuum excavator models with less than 80 hp engines.


Both Vac-Ex models have a 100 percent duty cycle and feature an oil-flooded rotary screw compressor for compact efficient operations and long life. A two-year warranty covers all major components, including an air/oil separator tank, liquid-to-liquid cooler, integrated into the engine’s cooling system and control package.

The integrated air compressor package in the Ring-O-Matic mounts inside the engine/blower enclosure, protecting the unit from the elements and tampering.

Tool kit

A Vac-Ex tool kit available for the compressor packages includes a six-pound aluminum digging lance with 150 cfm, 150 psi  Super Sonic Air Nozzle and dirt shield, 50 feet of 1-inch-diameter lightweight air hose with quick-connect couplers, and COX spring retractable hose reel.