The Right Teeth Stretch Trencher Life

September 28, 2010

"Being educated on trencher teeth has made a big difference in trencher durability to us," says Barry Sawyer, owner of A&B Rent-All in Oklahoma City. He rents nine units—most of them in the 13- to 20-horsepower range—and says Ditch Witch helped him understand how important it is to match trencher teeth to working conditions. "If a machine digs easier, it lasts longer. So in the summer we go to what I call a half-and-half chain. We replace every third tooth on a regular chain with a rock tooth.

"But you have to put them on when they're needed, and take them off when the ground gets soft. Those rock teeth will gather mud and don't dig as well in soft ground. So we go back to regular teeth for three or four months in the spring. Then in the summer, when the sun bakes this Oklahoma clay hard as a rock, we put the rock teeth back on. They come off again in the fall."