Revised NCCER Welding Curriculum Now Available

September 28, 2015

The fifth edition of NCCER’s Welding Level 1 and Level 2 curriculum was updated to continue to meet current industry standards. The curriculum aligns with American Welding Society’s Schools Excelling through National Skills Education (SENSE) Entry Welder program. Successful completion of Welding Level 1 and Level 2, along with the performance accreditation tasks in the curriculum, prepares trainees to take the AWS SENSE Entry Welder exam.

NCCER’s Welding curriculum was revised by subject matter experts from across the country to incorporate the latest methods, technology, tools and techniques. Included in the fifth edition are metric conversions, updated photos of new technology and a broadened emphasis on safety. In addition, the curriculum is in full color and features a new instructional design complete with lesson plans, classroom activities and robust PowerPoint presentations. Changes specific to Welding Level 2 include a new training order and the module “GMAW and FCAW – Plate” was split into two separate modules titled “GMAW – Plate” and “FCAW – Plate.”

A printed Instructor’s Copy is available for each of the revised levels of Welding. This book includes the Trainee Guide, comprehensive lesson plans and an access code for the Instructor Resource Center. With that code, instructors can download digital versions of lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, module exams, Performance Profiles and more. The lesson plans include step-by-step instructional outlines, learning objectives, teaching times and tips, safety considerations and equipment lists.

The enhanced PowerPoint presentations are fully integrated with the lesson plans and also feature new images, key talking points, instructor notes and additional slides with graphics for instructor customizations.