Report Identifies Ongoing Concerns at Indiana OSHA

November 18, 2015

OSHA’s Federal Annual Monitoring Evaluation (FAME) assessed Indiana OSHA (IOSHA) and identified continuing concerns that the agency needs to address.

One major issue is lack of personnel. Indiana OSHA currently allocates 63 positions, which falls below the required 70 positions. And only 38 of those are currently filled. According to the report, “The effect of this personnel deficiency is evident in the number of inspections the state plan completed. Their FY 2014 inspection goal was 2,019, but IOSHA only completed 1,135 inspections (56 percent of the goal).”

The FAME follow-up report identified other concerns, including the following:

  • All reported complaints are not being investigated;
  • IOSHA is not documenting fatalities as required;
  • IOSHA is not responding to imminent danger complaints within one day;
  • 22 percent of inspection files reviewed were missing interviews or had inadequate interviews; and
  • IOSHA did not develop a procedure to approve local emphasis programs.