Reduce Tire Costs With Proper Care

September 28, 2010

To avoid damaging tire beads, lift tires with a specialized lift or use strap slings around the tread.

Maintaining air pressure where it should be for the loads your vehicles carry is most important for reducing tire costs, but there are a few handling tips necessary to keep tires safe:

  • Never operate a vehicle with a flat tire (any pressure less than 80 percent of what's recommended), damaged or distorted rims or wheels, missing bolts or cracked studs.
  • Never weld or heat parts of the wheel near the tire. Heat causes serious damage to tires and can cause them to explode. Tires should be removed before doing fabrication work on rims.
  • Avoid lifting tires through the center with a crane hook because it can damage and weaken the critical bead area. Instead, lift the tire under the tread by using flat straps. Flat straps are better than steel slings or chains because they are less likely to cut or abrade the tire.