Redefining What a Portable Concrete Mixer Can Do

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Monolithic® concrete mixer is a lightweight and mobile mixer for those requiring low-volume amounts of concrete, but it is also ideal for mixing potting soil, grout and brick mortar jobs, block fill, livestock feed and mulches.

Attaching to a skid-steer or other front-end loader, making it totally mobile, the mixer is also self-loading, eliminating the need to hand shovel whatever the mix content turns out to be. The mixer is designed to mix three tenths of a cubic yard per batch, and weighs 650 pounds when empty. The mixer requires a 1,300 pound or heavier rated skid loader (a 1,300 pound skid loader may need counterweights). The hydraulic motor also requires 15.8 gallons-per-minute of hydraulic oil.