Recycling Asphalt With "Warm" Mix Technology

Staff | September 28, 2010

The city of Chattanooga, along with Astec Industries, Inc., Talley Construction, and Southeastern Materials, recently participated in a joint demonstration project using mix created with Astec's new Double Barrel Green technology.

During the demonstration, the focus was on paving a section of North Terrace Road in Chattanooga between McBrien and Germantown roads.

The mix was placed by paving contractor Talley Construction,using a Roadtec Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle and a Roadtec paving machine.

The Double Barrel Green system was developed by Chattanooga-based Astec Industries. This new process involves reclaiming or recycling up to 50 percent of an existing asphalt pavement and mixing it with new materials at a lower temperature than previously achievable in the industry. This results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Astec Industries Chairman and CEO Dr. Don Brock, "This process involves mixing asphalt at lower temperatures than those currently being used. This warm mix asphalt eliminates the smoke and smell experienced with existing methods. This asphalt mix is equal to or better than the mixes now being used and can save 11 percent of fuel costs over existing production methods."

The municipality was pleased with the outcome.

"We are recycling existing pavement, and this new production method reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is an innovative technology and one very much welcomed in Chattanooga — especially with our focus on air quality," said Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Officials from the National Center for Asphalt Technology and The National Asphalt Pavement Association were also on hand for the demonstration.