Reconstructing I-75/I-64 In Lexington

Story by Tom Hale | September 28, 2010

ATS Construction crews have been busy this summer reconstructing pavement on a segment of the heavily traveled Interstate 75/Interstate 64 combined route in Lexington, Ky. Working under a $25-million contract from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), ATS placed approximately 180,000 tons of asphalt on a 1.7-mile stretch — extending south of U.S. 60 (Winchester Road) to the Bryan Station Road Overpass.

According to KYTC's District 7 office, the new asphalt pavement replaces old concrete pavement that had deteriorated so much that it was no longer feasible for KYTC to maintain it. Andy Barber, a District 7 resident engineer, says approximately 90,000 square yards of concrete was removed during the project.

Placement of the new asphalt pavement for I-75/I-64 is designed to provide a smoother and longer-lasting section of interstate. District 7 officials say they had done all they could to salvage and maintain the old concrete pavement, but heavy truck traffic, aging pavement and drainage problems forced it to repair the roadway surface.

ATS, based in Lexington, began work on the two-phase I-75/I-64 project on July 30, 2006, and is now putting finishing touches to the newly reconstructed roadway. Initial construction began on the northbound combined portion of I-75/I-64, with crews working almost non-stop to complete that phase by Oct. 9, 2006. This year, ATS began repairing the southbound section.

During an August jobsite visit by Construction Digest, ATS was utilizing a Roadtec material transfer vehicle, a Blaw-Knox paver and Ingersoll Rand compactors to place the asphalt base course for the southbound lanes. According to ATS Project Manager Andy Richardson, the new I-75/I-64 pavement has a depth of 26 inches, including 4 inches of dense grade material, 4 inches of drainage blanket and 18 inches of bituminous material — 10-1/2 inches of 1.5 base, 6 inches of 1.0 base, and 1-1/2 inches of 0.38 of surface course.

Richardson notes that ATS self-performed a majority of the work on the project. Central Rock Mineral Co. removed the old concrete pavement and also served as the grading contractor.

Additional I-75/I-64 Reconstruction

As this pavement rehabilitation project wraps up, another project has just begun on I-75/I-64 in Lexington. KYTC awarded a $24.3-million contract to ATS Construction to resurface I-75/I-64 from the northern split south to the Bryan Station Road Overpass and from north of Winchester Road to Man'O'War Boulevard.

This project also includes the construction of two auxiliary lanes; one beginning at the northern split where I-75 south merges with I-64 East and extending to Newtown Pike, and the second beginning at the southern split where I-64 West merges with I-75 South and extending to Winchester Road. The first phase of the two-phase project is scheduled for completion by Nov. 1. Then, work will resume next spring and will be complete by May 22, 2008.

"With this project we will have completed the much needed resurfacing of the combined route of I-75 and I-64 in Fayette County," says Kentucky Commissioner of Highways Marc Williams. "In addition, with the inclusion of the auxiliary lane at the northern and southern splits, we are fulfilling Governor (Ernie) Fletcher's commitment to provide a reliable and safe highway infrastructure."

By next May, says District 7, more than $64 million will have been spent to improve the combined I-75/I-64 in less than two years.