Recent GLONASS System Launch Makes 44 Total Satellites Available to Topcon Users

Staff | September 28, 2010

Three of the new GLONASS navigation, long-life satellites were launched on December 25, 2006, bringing the number of Russian navigation satellites in orbit to 20. The recent launch mirrored the 2004 and 2005 launches, in which a total of six satellites were also put in orbit. For years, Topcon's GPS+ was the only dual-constellation, satellite-based precision positioning system that allowed its users the option to access the GPS and GLONASS Satellite constellations. Now, with its new line of G3 receivers, Topcon Positioning System customers will also be able to receive signals from the Galileo system, now being tested by the European Union. The use of multi-constellation signals eliminates jobsite downtime due to weak or obstructed satellite reception. The most recent launch, when combined with GPS, makes 44 total satellites available to Topcon users and makes the second of a series of satellite placement the Russian Federal Space Agency has scheduled in the next several years to bring the GLONASS System to full deployment. Topcon Positioning Systems develops and manufactures positioning equipment.