Reach 50 Feet from the Hook

September 28, 2010

Maxim Crane
Maxim Crane's Double Counter-Balance Beam can pick as much as 400,000 pounds at 8 feet of reach.

Maxim Crane Works developed a solution for lifts where a crane hook can't reach. The Counter-Balance Beam offers up to 50 feet of horizontal reach from a crane's lift point.

Designed by Maxim, the Counter-Balance Beam uses counterweight to offset the target load. Traversing the counterweight along the beam lifts the target smoothly.

The basic main beam is 48 feet long with 30 feet of usable reach. A 20-foot extension stretches reach to 50 feet from the crane's lift point. Capacities range from more than 200,000 pounds at 8 feet of reach to 30,000 pounds at 50 feet. A Double Beam configuration uses a twin set of main and extension beams to effectively double the assembly's lift capacity.

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