Range, Torque and Haul Capacity Make This Electric Semi a Contender

December 15, 2017
Thor Trucks lifted the cover on the company's new ET-One electric semi

Thor Trucks lifted the cover on the company's new ET-One electric semi this week - and, oh my.

Based in Los Angeles, Dakota Semler and Giordano Sordoni have produced a prototype of their company's version of an all-electric semi truck that takes its design and operation cues from real-world fleet managers and truck drivers.

The Thor ET-One is designed to haul 80,000 pounds with instant torque at zero rpm with a range of 300 miles, making it most suitable for short haul and regional runs. Top speed is 70 mph.

The ET-One is built on a conventional chassis with an electric motor between the cab and the fifth wheel hitch that is powered by a pack of heavy duty lithium-ion battery cells. The company says the modular battery pack will take just 90- minutes to recharge and will offer various size powerpacks up to 1MWh. Regenerative braking gives the Thor truck

Regenerative braking and onboard safety systems improve driver safety. Unlike the Tesla semi, the Thor ET-One has a more conventional driver / passenger cab layout that rules the truck's take-no-prisoners styling.

Interior of Thor Trucks ET-One electric semiThe company's website isn't shy when discussing cost savings the ET-One will offer compared to a diesel powered semi. Thor Trucks says the ET-One's maintenance will be 60 percent cheaper, 70 percent cheaper to fuel, and 100 percent cheaper in emissions compliance costs.

The ET-One will be available in 2019 for between $150,000 and $250,000 depending on configuration and will be sold online, then eventually through dealers. Leasing will also be available.

Limited fleet demos are available and the company's blog is a good read.