RAM Introduces Advanced Vibration Technology Course

February 17, 2015

R. A. McClure, Inc. (RAM, Inc.) adds a new one-day Advanced Vibration Technology course held after its Premier Surface Blasting course in September 2015. The training program assists companies operating in high liability areas, with controlling vibration generated by the blasting program.

Targeting blasts with vibration concerns, instructors for the new Advanced Vibration Technology course walk through capturing the signature hole, analyzing data and processing all results in order to determine detonator timing for a blast. Each attendee will be supplied with a high-tech workstation that includes Seismograph Data Analysis and Aphla-Blast software for blast analysis. Instructors will also cover seismograph analysis using the Mini-Seis III seismograph. Upon completion of the one-day course, attendees will receive eight Continuing Education hours.

This course is structured to give students practical field experience on blasting techniques. The training topics focus on improving blast performance, including design, measurements and geological factors relating to shot design. Attendees learn the basics about vibration control, trenching and transient pressures, and controlled blasting and performance.