Putzmeister First To Certification

Staff | September 28, 2010

Effective November 1, Putzmeister America became the first and only manufacturer to achieve a Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association (CPMA) safety certification for its entire range of truck-mounted concrete boom pumps and separate placing boom models.

"In early 2006, we were first to attain CPMA certification for 'selected' boom pump models," said Jim Bury, engineering manager at Putzmeister America. "This success was then quickly followed by detailed auditing and adjustments to ultimately achieve certification for each and every boom pump and placing boom model within our extensive product line."

CPMA certification was initiated by concrete pump and systems manufacturers to formalize a guideline for the design, manufacture, testing, safe use, inspection, and maintenance of concrete pumps for the North American market. The standard was developed to prevent accidents.

"Putzmeister America continues to stability-load and cycle test each and every concrete boom pump prior to customer delivery," said Bury. "This demonstration of quality and product safety further reveals our commitment to the safety of the individual operator and others on the job site."