Protect Tires in Winter for Spring Performance

September 28, 2010

According to Firestone, if you plan to leave your tires mounted on a vehicle all winter, it's best to remove all weight from the tires by storing the vehicle on blocks. If that's not possible, here are some tips to spare your tires from winter damage:

  1. Pick a good storage area. Park the vehicle on a clean, firm, level, well-drained surface.
  2. Unload the vehicle completely.
  3. Maintain the proper air pressure.
  4. Move the vehicle periodically.
  5. Do not store tires on oil-stabilized surfaces (blacktop, chip & seal, etc.). Concrete, wood and hard soil are recommended surfaces.
  6. To prevent ozone cracking in the bulge area of the tire and prevent a flat spot from developing, move the vehicle at least once every three months. If a flat spot does develop, it will disappear in most cases after a few miles of service in the spring.