Problem Solvers Caucus Readying Infrastructure Report

December 1, 2017

After the most recent meeting of the Problem Solvers Caucus on Thursday, former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, "This year has been a missed opportunity for infrastructure. If Congress, the White House and the leadership had started out with infrastructure and a way to pay for it, that bill would have been passed and hundreds of people would have been working on bridges and roads."

The Problem Solvers Caucus is a bipartisan group in Congress that includes approximately 40 members–equally divided between Democrats and Republicans–who are committed to forging bipartisan cooperation on key issues. It is co-chaired by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY). reports that 25 Problem Solvers Caucus members met for the fifth time Thursday to continue their mission to work out an infrastructure plan–with funding–which the White House could use to begin the long-delayed national infrastructure proposal.  

The President has said he will present his infrastructure package after the tax reform issue is completed, but a key part of the GOP tax proposal eliminates the deduction on tax-exempt private activity bonds which are key to local infrastructure project financing. So far, the Senate tax proposal retains the deduction.

The group hopes to have a document to vote upon in two weeks.