Premium Oil Stops Ring Failures

September 28, 2010

DURON 15W-40
Petro-Canada's DURON 15W-40 stopped nearly five engine failures a year, and more than doubled an Ontario paving firm's oil-drain intervals.

Brantco Construction, a mid-size Ontario paving contractor, was rebuilding Cummins ISL L-10 engines in trucks every 186,000 to 248,000 miles because of oil failure.

Brantco's service manager, Daniel Rodrigues, tested several brands of engine oil to no affect. In 1998, he tried Petro-Canada's DURON 15W-40.

"At the time, I was rebuilding about five engines per year," Rodrigues says. "But in the five years I've been using DURON, I've only had to rebuild one engine. The piston rings last longer because start-ups are easier. This oil stays on the side of the rings."

Brantco's crew operates 80 pieces of equipment including dump and mixer trucks, excavators, graders, loaders and pickup trucks. The new oil is protecting truck engines at more than double the previous oil-drain intervals.

"We had been changing oil every 2,500 to 3,100 miles," Rodrigues says. "Now we change at 6,200 to 7,500 miles.

"We can afford to pay for a premium quality oil because it saves us expenses down the road."