Politicization of Construction Making Contractors Gun-shy

May 19, 2017

The Christian Science Monitor has raised an interesting question: Will builders avoid bidding on construction projects that carry the risk of repercussions from advocate groups, pro or con?

For example, could a company that builds an abortion clinic be shut out from bidding on contracts in conservative states? Will companies that help store nuclear waste be frozen out of bidding on unrelated projects in some parts of the country?

Seven state legislatures have already introduced bills to penalize companies that might help build President Trump's border wall. Two cities in California passed anti-wall legislation. Many large contractors are conspicuous by their absence.

Writer Laurent Belsie's article, For Builders, Trump's Wall Beckons But Is Fraught With Political Risk , discusses the effects government blacklisting and divestment or social pressure might have on the construction industry.

Give it a read, then give it some thought.