Pickups Offer Numerous Options

Staff | September 28, 2010

Only 25 percent of Construction Equipment subscribers add trim packages to their pickup trucks, according to new research conducted by the magazine. On the other hand, nearly nine of 10 have put automatic transmissions and air conditioning in their trucks. Reasons vary, but many fleet managers decide on options depending on which can be recoupled at resale.

Source: Construction Equipment 2007 Pickup Truck Usage Survey
Automatic transmission 87%
Air conditioning 86%
Towing package 76%
Heavy-duty suspension 69%
Four-wheel drive 67%
Stereo 59%
Extended cab 48%
Limited slip/locking diff. 44%
Special tires 38%
Crew cab 32%
Dual rear wheels 29%
Trim package 26%
Power take-off 10%