PicBucket Arrives Just in Time

Staff | September 28, 2010

Canadian-based demolition and recycling contractor The Cannington Group was champing the bit to get the first kick at the can with PicBucket 5000 Series.

Three years after PowerTech Canada announced the PicBucket excavator bucket, Cannington Group president David McCrossan was eagerly waiting to be the first user to get the newest addition to the demolition tool offering installed on his company's Caterpillar 330D excavator.

The extensive evaluation and demonstration recently wrapped up at a jobsite in Hamilton, Ontario made the wait worthwhile, says McCrossan's crushing services supervisor, Don Maynard. With its set of three demolition pins and internal 1,000-foot-pound Atlas Copco hydraulic cell, the 36-inch PicBucket was used to prepare large piles of road debris and rubble for processing and direct-feed into a mobile crushing plant.

"The crusher and the related work crew, which is capable of manufacturing up to 400 tons per hour, is, in effect, not working at its full potential if oversized pieces such as medians, light standards or sewer-pipe sections encountered in this project need to be removed from the process for further preliminary breaking," says Maynard.