Photo Timeline of Summer of Hell

September 5, 2017
Construction crews have been rebuilding tracks at Penn Station.

This summer, thousands of commuters braved the Long Island Rail Road to, from, and around New York City while Amtrak workers labored to bring the city's Pennsylvania Station to modern infrastructure specs. For 53 days, construction crews have been completely rebuilding Penn Station’s A-interlocking switching junction and the station's Track 10.

The massive project included demolition and removal of old tracks and switches, new concrete and timber installation, transport and connection of pre-constructed track components, and cable power installation for signals.

The complexity was remarkable and heavy equipment was brought in to assist, but as these photos from Newsday show, building a railroad is still a job done by hand.

Flip through Newsday's photos in their article Here’s what Amtrak did at Penn Station during the ‘Summer of Hell’ here.