Pedestrian Bridge Construction Over Interstate 696 in Michigan Proceeds

September 28, 2010

Construction of an approximately $2.3-million pedestrian bridge that will cross over Interstate 696 and connect Harrison High School on the north side with Beechview Elementary School on the south side in Farmington Hills, MI, began in January and will be completed in July 2009. C.A. Hull Co., Inc., of Walled Lake, MI, is the prime contractor for the project.

The eight-span, 550-foot-long bridge will cross over a 100-foot-wide wetland and will include 450 feet of approach sidewalk and associated retaining wall structure. The bridge will include prestressed concrete I-beams with a cast-in-place concrete deck and parapet railing. Deck grades will be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The substructure will receive special architectural treatment consisting of varying reliefs in the concrete. The retaining wall for the approach work consists of a steel sheet pile wall with a cast-in-place concrete facing.

It was necessary to construct a temporary bridge over the wetland area in order to provide access to the south side of the project. The temporary bridge was built with crane mats, geotextile fabric and crushed concrete. The temporary bridge needed to be sufficient to carry all materials and equipment to the south side of the project.

A 100-ton Manitowoc 222 crane is being used to “walk” bridge beams into place over the temporary bridge.

Cofferdam construction will be done utilizing the conventional tremie concrete method to construct piers one and two. The tremie concrete method involves placing concrete below water level through a pipe. The lower end of the pipe is kept immersed in fresh concrete so that the rising concrete from the bottom displaces the water without washing out the cement content. The tremie concrete method is often used in bridges that span bodies of water. Pier six will be built in the median of Interstate 696 under traffic.

Materials on the project include 2,860 feet of 12-inch foundation piles; 2,280 square feet of permanent sheetpiling; 556 cubic yards of substructure concrete; 254 cubic yards of superstructure concrete; 143,000 pounds of epoxy steel reinforcement; and 1,600 feet of prestressed concrete I-beams.

Subcontractors on the project include Owen Tree Service, of Attica, MI (clearing, grubbing and tree removal); Stress-Con Industries, of Kalamazoo, MI (prestressed concrete beams); Survey Solutions, Inc., of Standish, MI (survey layout); POCO, of Canton, MI (traffic control); Dynamic Currents, of Whitehouse, OH (furnishing and placing reinforcing steel); Doan Companies, of Ypsilanti, MI (ready mixed concrete); MARX Contracting, of Utica, MI (fencing and guardrail); Michigan Highway Contracting, of Canton, MI (slope restoration); Sanches, of Lansing, MI (miscellaneous concrete and barrier wall); and Pneumatic Restoration, of Fenton, MI (concrete surface coating). n



Construction of a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 696 in Farmington Hills, MI, that will connect Harrison High School with Beechview Elementary School.

Prime contractor: C.A. Hull Co., Inc., of Walled Lake, MI

Cost: Approximately $2.3 million