PBS Looks at Construction's Effect on States GDP Since Great Recession

August 30, 2016

Nearly a decade after the Great Recession stalled construction nationwide, the industry is roaring back: In 43 states, construction is now contributing more to the economy than it did in 2010.

Overall, the construction industry’s impact on U.S. gross domestic product has grown by more than 21 percent since its low point in 2011, according to a Stateline analysis of inflation-adjusted data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. About 6.7 million people were employed in construction last month, up from a low of 5.4 million in January 2011. In 2006, at the peak of the last housing boom, the industry employed 7.7 million people.

The PBS Stateline report what is fueling the construction boom and what parts of the country aren't seeming to get their share. From Boston to the Gulf Coast to California, Tim Henderson's exellant story highlights what some people are calling the biggest building boom since the 70's.

To see what percentage construction is bringing to each state's GDP, roll over the interactive map here: