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Parked Tesla Goes Rogue, Crashes into Trailer

Did the Tesla's Summon feature answer the wrong call?

May 11, 2016

KSL-TV reports a parked Tesla Model S, owned by a Utah man, started up on its own around April 29 and drove under a parked trailer.

Jared Overton, the car's owner, parked his car in Lindon, Utah.  A bystander stopped by to talk with Overton about his nifty car then walked with Overton to a nearby business.

Five minutes later, Overton left the business to find his Tesla had driven and parked itself under a parked trailer, suffering a broken windshield.

Here's the real kicker - besides the $700 cost to repair the windshield, when Overton reported the issue to Tesla, the company responded in a letter saying the action of his rogue Model S vehicle was his fault.

Read more and watch Overton's interview with KSL-TV here.

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