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Palmetto Pipeline Construction Start Set for Q4 2016

360-mile petroleum pipeline from Belton, SC to Jacksonville, Florida will need 1,200 workers to complete.

February 02, 2016

The Palmetto Pipeline permits and approvals will be filed by Kinder Morgan later this month or early in the second quarter 0f 2016, according to Allen Fore, vice president of external relations.

Speaking at the Rotary Club of Effingham County, Fore predicted the pipeline will carry a $948 million economic impart to the area. But opposition to the project has been fierce, to the point of producing a film titled "At What Cost?", citing environmental and economic impact issues. Fore provided answers to many of the project's concerns, including the issue of eminent domain. Read more about the discussion in Patrick Donahue's report here.

Source: Coastal Courier

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