Pallet Fork Attachments For ASV Compact Track Loaders

September 28, 2010

Pallet fork attachments are available for all ASV Compact Track Loaders. These versatile attachments let you load, unload and carry palletized or bulky materials.

Three different pallet fork attachments are available and vary in size so you can select the model most suitable for your ASV loader. These sturdy attachments feature 1-3/8 inches by 4 inches solid forged steel tines that are adjustable for variable spacing between tines. Indents let you lock the tines in place for added security during use.

Back spill plates keep material from spilling back onto the machine when positioned at an upward angle. The spill plates feature holes for better visibility of the fork tips from the operator station. Connecting the pallet fork attachment is effortless with the loader’s quick-attach interface.