Paducah Man Charged with Stealing Skid Steer

July 17, 2018

A man in Paducah, KY has been charged with stealing a John Deere skid steer worth $35,000.

On April 11, the Sheriff's Office said the skid steer was stolen from a construction site in Kentucky’s McCracken County. Later that day, deputies found the machine hidden next to a pond on the 10000 block of Old Lovelace Road. Detectives were able to identify 43-year-old Dean Hamblin as a suspect.

Police say the trailer the skid steer had been loaded onto had a flat tire, prompting the thieves to unload and hide it next to the pond. The trailer used in the theft was found a short distance from the location of the crime.

Hamlin was arrested following a court appearance in Marshall Country, where he is facing charges for similar offenses.

Sources: WPSD Local News & The Paducah Sun