PacLease Targets Vocational-Truck Users

Staff | September 28, 2010

PacLease allows customers to specify new Kenworth and Peterbilt vehicles that meet their operational requirements.

According to Olen Hunter, director of sales for Paccar Leasing Co. (PacLease), the company rolled out a new full-service leasing program for users of vocational trucks. When we visited with Hunter at the recent World of Concrete Show, he told us that PacLease is experiencing 16 percent average annual growth. As the numbers expand, he says, more vocational trucks are included.

According to Hunter, leasing can assist users by helping reduce certain "hidden" costs, including fleet administration, regulatory compliance, technician recruiting/training, shop equipment and the cost of working capital invested in parts inventory. In addition, he says, the off-balance-sheet accounting treatment that leasing affords preserves the user's credit lines.

PacLease assists vocational-truck users by first specifying vehicles that exactly meet their operational requirements, then by tailoring lease terms and flexible maintenance options that best suit their business. Also, at the initiation of the lease, an end-of-contract value for the truck is established via a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC), For details, visit