Our Crumbling Infrastructure

January 10, 2017

The last general election propelled the words 'The Nation's Infrastructure' to become the catch-all buzzword for everything from bad bridges to job creation projects to toxic tapwater to unhackable power grids.

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign trail proposal of spending $1 trillion to repair the country's infrastructure is, besides promising to be an interesting study in funding, vague. Discussions on what items The Nation's Infrastructure actually includes, whether to repair them or start over, and who is going to oversee the $1 billion checkbook are crisscrossing the media.

With taxpayers on the hook for an estimated $808.2 billion backlog of investment spending itemized by the Department of Transportation alone, now is a good time to educate ourselves on the real 'where-we-are-now' infrastructure problems and solutions. The Harvard Gazette's  Our Crumbling Infrastructure is a good place to start. It is a quick read and you'll be smarter for it.