OSHA Renews Alliance With Altec to Protect Workers

December 4, 2015

OSHA and Altec Industries Inc. renewed their alliance aimed at preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the utility, telecommunications and construction industries. The alliance will focus on the safe operation, use and maintenance of equipment used in these industries, including cranes, chippers, digger derricks and aerial devices.

The alliance will also work to promote a culture of safety and health, particularly in small businesses and among workers with non- or limited-English speaking skills.

During the five-year agreement, the alliance will provide safety training in mobile cranes, tree care and insulated aerial devices, digger derricks, wood chippers, and construction and general industry standards. The alliance will also update guidance and training materials on fall protection, electric shock and aerial lift tip-overs.

Additionally, the alliance will work to provide workers, including those with limited English proficiency, with resources that will help them understand their rights and the responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Altec manufactures aerial devices, digger derricks, mobile cranes, wood chippers and specialty equipment for the electric utility, telecommunications and tree care industries.

Altec provides computer-based training designed to help employers teach and certify equipment operators on the safe operation of Altec aerial devices and digger derricks.