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OSHA Budget Request Eliminates Training Grants

Funding will shift from nonprofit training grants to stronger enforcement activities

February 28, 2018

OSHA has submitted its budget request for FY2019 and BLR, a consulting and training firm that guides companies through regulatory activities, posted in its blog that OSHA has asked for $549,033,000, which is about the same as what the agency requested for FY2018.

OSHA has reprioritized its efforts for 2019 in order to direct more funding to targeted federal enforcement  of OSHA regulations. OSHA plans to increase the number of compliance assistance positions to “broaden its reach, assistance, and support to small businesses and other employers working to comply with OSHA requirements and protect their workers.”

Listed under Federal Compliance Assistance, OSHA is requesting FY 2019 is $75,619,000 and 272 full time employees for FY2019 - an increase of $5,120,000 and 32 people  above the FY 2018 level.

OSHA is taking a stronger position on federal enforcement and has requested an increase of $6,148,000 and 42 full-time compliance officers specifically for federal enforcement.

To offset the costs of hiring more employees and implementing more enforcement programs, OSHA intends to shift $10.4 million from Susan Harwood Training Grants, effectively eliminating all funding for the 40-year old program that provided grants to nonprofit organizations to develop and operate occupational safety and health training programs.

In the past, the Harwood grants funded safety training support for workers in high injury and fatality occupations such as construction.

OSHA says the increased compliance assistance personnel and programs will fill the gap left by the elimination of the Susan Harwood Training Grants.

OSHA's budget request documentation is available here.

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