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Orlando Construction Firm Sues General Contractor for $1.2M

CCK Construction Services sued Hunt Construction Group for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

April 02, 2018

CCK Construction Services of North Caroline sued Hunt Construction Group, a subsidiary of engineering firm Aecom, in Palm Beach County Circuit Court last week for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

According to Miami's The Real Deal News, Hunt owes CCK $1.2 million in unpaid invoices for “cast-in-place concrete services” the firm provided for the $489 million Ballpark of the Palm Beaches project located in West Palm Beach.

The new ballpark hosts the Astros and is the spring training home for the Washington Nationals.

The lawsuit alleges Hunt has refused to pay $1.2 million of undisputed labor and materials CCK provided. However, the Major League Baseball teams say substandard construction work such as poorly installed windows and clubhouse showers caused them to withhold some payments to Hunt Straticon Messam and Cooper (HSMC), a joint venture of four general contractors that oversaw construction of the baseball park, led by Hunt Construction Group.

As a result, subcontractors Davco Electrical claims $6 million, Mancils Tractor Service claims $4 million, and MIK Construction claims $500,000 for unpaid work.

Late last year, Hunt was named as a defendant in at least seven lawsuits filed by subcontractors and suppliers that worked on the baseball park and spring training facility.

For more details, read Hardball: Orlando construction firm sues general contractor for $1.2M in alleged unpaid work at MLB spring training facility

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