Oracle Looks to Feature Flying Drones, Live Demos, at Innovation Lab

October 3, 2018
Flying drone.

Silicon Valley-based Oracle plans on bringing a construction innovation lab to Deerfield, Illinois, enabling it to work on industry technology with other businesses. The company will display a variety of “innovative construction management related products that Oracle and other partners are actively developing,” according to an article in the Deerfield Review.

The anticipated new Oracle building, currently housing Textura, a construction contracting and management service, will stand 40 feet tall and feature an adjoining lot. Although the lot is already in operation, the company plans on repurposing the building to become a model construction site, allowing Oracle to demonstrate new construction equipment and software to collaborators. Its design would also allow for flying drones while viewers watch from an observation deck.

According to Tracy R. Riggan, the company’s senior project manager, there will be no permanent jobs at the facility; only work done by appointment, exclusive to Oracle reps or those who reach out/are invited.

During the project’s plan commission meeting, Riggan told commissioners about a potential joint effort on the existing construction lot with Caterpillar, which has its corporate headquarters in Deerfield.

“They contacted us,” Riggan told the Deerfield Review. “We (were) working on heavy construction equipment they were operating in Spain from here.”

The project will be the first of its kind for Oracle in the U.S., set to be operational in the fall of 2019 if approved by the Village Board of Trustees.

“This is a smart lab for the construction job site of tomorrow,” Riggan said. “It’s a collaboration site to look at new ideas for the construction industry. It will show how to do collaboration for the (construction) industry of tomorrow.”

Source: The Deerfield Review