"Only Dummies Don't Wear Harnesses on Booms"

September 28, 2010

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has released a dramatic video that shows the dangers of not wearing a full body harness on a boom type access platform.

The IPAF video features a live demonstration in which a crash dummy fitted to a specially modified Skyjack boom shows the effects of driving over a low-lying obstacle. For safety reasons, the crash dummy is suspended at the top of the basket. The dummy is not wearing a harness, in order to show the consequences of the catapult and jolting effects when the boom goes over an obstacle.

"This video is a vivid illustration of why operators should wear harnesses on boom type platforms," said IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman. "The industry must prevent unnecessary deaths where people are catapulted from booms. Let us keep this safe method of working at height even safer."

The video can be viewed and downloaded at the Publications/Film section of