Online Video Showcases Kobelco Excavator

Staff | September 28, 2010


Weighing in a shade below 80,000 pounds, Kobelco's SK350 Acera Mark 8 hydraulic excavator is a Tier-3-compliance upgrade from the SK330LC Dynamic Acera. However, the new emissions-compliant Hino engine in place of the earlier model's Mitsubishi power source is not the only change.

To learn first-hand how much of an upgrade the manufacturer put into the new excavator, editors of Construction Equipment visited Calhoun, Ga., the home of Kobelco Construction. Not only did they conduct an in-depth Field Test comparing the 264-horsepower SK350 Acera Mark 8 to its 247-horsepower predecessor (please see page 34), but they also returned with a video insight of the new excavator from product managers and independent users alike. To watch this in-depth video, please visit the website.