Old Bulldog/New Tricks

Staff | September 28, 2010

Forty-four years hauling logs in Georgia forests left their mark on Mike Justice's truck.

A week with CMT's Chrome-Shop Mafia gave the Mack B a new face and a new name: Sawtooth.

Mike Justice's B-61 Mack has been hauling logs since his father bought it in 1963. He and his son, Justin, still use the truck in their company, Justice Enterprise of West Green, Ga.

Despite faithful care and maintenance, 44 years of toil in Georgia forests had left their mark on the truck. So Justin got in touch with producers at CMT's (Country Music Television) show, "Trick My Truck." Justice's classic Mack was selected to be featured in an episode.

An icon of American truck history, the Mack B Model, became the first Mack the Chrome Shop Mafia, Trick My Truck's creative geniuses, worked over for the show. The episode aired on CMT in late August, but you can watch it by clicking on "Mike Justice's Sawtooth" on Trick My Truck's Web archives at http://www.cmt.com/shows/dyn/Trick_My_Truck/episode_list.jhtml.

Justin was well aware that his father enjoys the show when he called CMT.

"I always watch that show," Justice said. "I told my wife I'd love to have my old truck tricked up. It looks like a show truck now."