Oklahoma Indians Concerned About Keystone, Sacred Sites

September 19, 2012

Indian tribes in Oklahoma are concerned about the disturbance of sacred archaeological sites along the possible pipeline route of the Keystone XL project; meanwhile, Canada's ambassador to the U.S. has gone on record saying he believes the pipeline will eventually secure approval.

Pipeline parent TransCanada has said it would have monitors walk each mile of the pipeline to monitor construction and would include a tribal liaison on every part of the pipeline, according to The Washington Post.

"[I]t’s not so much that we’re in support of the pipeline, but we’re in support of working together to make sure our interests are looked after," says Robert Cast, the historic-preservation officer of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma.

Weighing in from north of the border, Gary Doer, Canadian ambassador to the U.S., was quoted in The Hill/E2 Wire blog as saying "I will bet a six-pack it's going to happen."

Source: AGC