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Ohio Starts Bridge Reconstruction Two Years Early

Taxpayers will save $18 million by jumpstarting project

July 07, 2016

Valley View Bridge on on Cloverleaf Parkway in Ohio



"While most states have been struggling to tackle their highway infrastructure needs, here in Ohio we've worked to solve our transportation funding issues and keep up the pace of repairs and improvements," said Gov. John R. Kasich. "As a result, we've seen three record-setting years of highway construction, and getting this project done sooner is one more sign of that progress."

Cleveland 19 News reports work on Ohio's I-480 Valley View Bridge will start in 2017 - two years earlier than originally planned. The 4,100-foot bridge crosses the Cuyahoga River and carries about 180,000 vehicles every day.

The Valley View Bridge rehabilitation is part of Kasich's efforts to find innovative ways to fund infrastructure improvements.


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