Obama to Foster Green, Predicts Building Authority

September 28, 2010

One of the nation's leading authorities on green building recently predicted that the new Obama administration will have a major impact on commercial design and construction practices, ushering in an era when green building will become a permanent part of the economic, financial, and cultural landscape.

Green building consultant, speaker and author, Jerry Yudelson, president of Yudelson Associates in Tucson, AZ, made his prediction as the new administration in Washington prepared plans for the largest infrastructure spending package in the nation's history. Yudelson chose the YouTube online video platform to make his predictions in a two-minute video clip designed to spread his industrial message of "hope" for the continued expansion for the green building industry.

"The impact on the green building industry is going to be both positive psychology and a lot of money," declared Yudelson, the author of eight books on green building. "Over the next four years what we're likely to see is that the federal government will become a major player in the green building landscape: promoting green buildings, enacting regulations to promote them, financing green buildings by state and local governments, and offering incentives to the private sector to make sure energy-efficient design and construction happens on a grand scale."

35 States May Mandate Green

Yudelson offered his predictions in the first of a planned series of short video commentaries on green building trends and sustainable development practices to be distributed to the public via YouTube. In his initial commentary, "How Will Obama Impact Green Building?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqszh-RQJ3c, Yudelson foresees a new golden era for energy-efficient construction.

"We're going to see every new large federal building be a LEED-certified, green building," he says. "We're going to see at least 25 if not 35 states mandating that all new buildings have to be green certified buildings. We're going to see this in nearly a thousand cities and at hundreds of colleges and universities. There is going to be a lot of federal money going into this and a lot of firepower also at the state level."

These trends will flow from president Obama's explicit interest in promoting energy security and combating climate change, observes Yudelson. "People are going to see that green building is a thing that is favored. They're going to put private investment behind this; people are going to make career choices to go into this field, and we're going to see tremendous growth in energy-efficient development championed by the new administration."

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