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NYC Commits $1 Billion to Keep Unfiltered Tap Water Pristine

Only five major U.S.cities operate on a unfiltered municipal water supply. Here's how NYC manages it.

January 19, 2018
Croton Lake watershed feeds NYC

New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, Ore., are the few major cities in the country that do not have a water filtration plant between their fresh water sources and their customers. The tap water New Yorkers drink flows from three lakes and 19 reservoirs from as far away as the Catskill Mountains.

To keep this marvel of water engineering operating, producing up to a billion gallons of safe water a day to NYC, the city has committed $1 billion  to programs that addresses climate change, large scale waste water treatment and homeowner septic systems, and resource security.

The New York Times posted A Billion-Dollar Investment in New York’s Water this week, describing how the nation's largest municipal water system keeps things clean. It's great story about infrastructure that works well.

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