NY Governor Announces Upstate Economic Resurgence Program

Staff | September 28, 2010

Newly elected governor Eliot Spitzer announced January 2 a major new effort to spark an economic resurgence in Upstate New York. In 2007, the administration will focus on a series of measures aimed at creating an innovation economy, reducing costs and investing in infrastructure. The measures include: a three-year, $6-billion property tax reduction plan that targets most of its benefits to the middle class; an expansion of the state's Aid and Incentives to Municipalities program and concentrate that aid on Upstate's most struggling cities; reform for mandates such as the Wicks Law and Workers' Comp; a prioritization and advancement of regional infrastructure initiatives including the Peace Bridge expansion, Fort Drum connector and the conversion of Route 17 into Interstate 86; a revamping of low-cost power programs and expansion of generating capacity throughout the state; a concerted effort to increase the number of wind turbines sited in Upstate New York and other renewable technologies; and fixing the lagging brownfields program.