Nutter Corp. Reaches Safety Milestone

Staff | September 28, 2010

Vancouver, WA— Nutter Corp. recently celebrated the completion of 1 million safety hours without a lost time injury, but it's not stopping there.

The state of Washington identified Nutter as the safest excavating contractor in 2008, and now the company has set a new goal of reaching 1.5 million safety hours. Because the company recognizes that it is through the actions and decisions of its employees that it reached its goal of 1 million safety hours, it made the decision to distribute its insurance refund to its employees in the form of checks to employees. Nutter Corp. employs 213 people who work and live in Oregon and Washington.

"Most companies put the refunded check back into operations within the company; however, we believe that our employees are what make this company," said Jeff Woodside, chief financial officer for corporation. "The right thing to do was to give the money back to the people responsible — our employees."