NRMCA Releases Safety Training Programs Targeting Industry Accidents

Staff | September 28, 2010

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has released two new interrelated safety training programs, each aimed at reducing specific types of industry accidents.

The first, called Lockout/Tagout/Tryout, was designed to assist companies in understanding the sources of hazardous energy at RMC facilities along with helping them create equipment specific procedures that address the source of hazardous energy. The second program, Mixer Drum Cleaning, covers the responsibilities of the entrant, attendant and entry supervisor in the entry and removal of hardened concrete from inside the mixer drum. Atmospheric monitoring along with the confined space permitting systems is discussed.

Both programs have a quiz at the conclusion of the training along with training documentation forms to help measure the retention of participants and to document the training.

"These programs were designed with input from the NRMCA Operations, Environmental and Safety Committee to ensure that they are industry-specific, providing practical applications while also addressing our safety training needs," said Steve Jones, director of safety and human resources at NRMCA member company Chandler Concrete and NRMCA Safety Task Group Chairman. "We realize that the typical ready mix producer faces countless situations involving lockout/tagout/tryout processes. This training is intended to be a helpful tool and resource for employees to prevent injuries."

"The accident rate in the ready mixed concrete industry, while low compared to other industries, is still unacceptable and we must continue to address these very serious safety issues" added Gary Mullings, NRMCA’s senior vice president of operations and compliance. "Accidents cause pain and suffering to the injured employee as well as a significant financial strain on a company’s bottom line. This financial strain is translated into higher insurance premiums, lost and down equipment, injured employees, angry customers and community members and is a distraction from the company’s main mission, which is to manufacture and deliver quality concrete safely every time."

"This program is another example of the ready mixed concrete industry’s commitment to safety" said Robert Garbini, president of the NRMCA.

NRMCA, based in Silver Spring, MD, represents the producers of ready mixed concrete and the companies that provide materials, equipment and support to the industry. It conducts education, training, promotion, research, engineering, safety, environmental, technological, lobbying and regulatory programs. For more information on the new training programs contact David Ayers at 301-587-1400, Ext. 1155 or email: