North Las Vegas Expedites Construction Permitting

May 5, 2017

Architects, landscape architects, engineers and civil engineers now have the option to 'self-certify' themselves under a new program offered by the city of North Las Vegas. The program cuts the wait time from plan submission to issued permit from months to just days.

North Las Vegas put the new Self-Certification Program in place to help streamline the permitting process for construction in the area. According to the city's website, permits will be received within 4 working days.

The program is for licensed professionals who participate in an eight-hour class at City Hall. The self-certification is valid for three years and is renewable.

When a self-certified engineer or architect submits a plan to the city, it will be reviewed to make sure the criteria is met for the proposed site.

“We do an initial site plan review that says the building height and area and location on the property and type of construction is allowed, based on the building code,” said Valerie Evans, a building official with the city. “Then we go through the process of getting the permit ready, and we issue them the permit in four days.”

All new construction projects will continue to be audited, but self-certification quickens the process. Approved engineers and architects certify their own work, so construction can begin as city staff performs their due diligence.

Self-certification will not be allowed on large projects or high-rise buildings, but the city says the program is a good fit for smaller jobs such as tenant improvements and small businesses.

“If the Raiders stadium was in North Las Vegas, we wouldn’t let the stadium be self-certified,” Evans said. “But the business office where the Raiders would set up, say a 100,000- square-foot stilt building that would be made into a bunch of offices for all the staff and personnel … they could pull the permit for that building and have that self-certified.”

The North Las Vegas program is modeled on a similar program in Phoenix that has been in place for seven years and has an 85 percent success rate.

The cost for the program is $1,500. Information is available here: